Private Lessons


How are they beneficial and who are they for?

Private lessons offer your child an opportunity to work on specific skills that they have been struggling to improve upon.  Private lessons are ideal for gymnasts (on any event), dancers and cheerleaders working on tumbling skills.  Working 1 on 1 with our knowledgable coaches will help them achieve their goals and boost their confidence in the gym.  It's an experience with fewer distractions and direct attention.  


How do I schedule a private lesson?

Please stop by or call the front desk at 651-460-2050.  You can also send an email ( with options of days/times that would work best for you and we will see if we can accommodate your request. 


How much do private lessons cost?

1/2 Hour individual lesson = $30.00

1 Hour individual lesson = $60.00

1/2 Hour Semi Private lesson = $20.00

1 Hour Semi Private lesson = $40.00